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"/> valentine’s day gift/date ideas for your better half
valentine’s day gift/date ideas for your better half

Valentine’s Day Gift/Date Ideas For Your Better Half

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Published On: 2021-09-17 12:06:58
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It’s about time that we talk about LOVE. Love isn’t just something that we can put into words or how much we love someone, it’s a wholesome feeling, it’s a feeling that gives you butterflies in your stomach, the type of feelings that make you go head over heels over a person around whom your entire world revolves. Love can’t be described or expressed by those three special words or by giving something materialistic, but you can surely appreciate your loved one with these small actions. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if you have given them an expensive and luxurious gift or just a single rose or even a lovely kiss, it’s the thought that counts, it’s your appreciation, it’s the kind of feelings you give them, that makes them think about it for the whole day or leaves a constant stupid smile on their face, because they just can’t get over it. You have to wow them with something that makes their whole day special. It's just not a single day when you have to do all this stuff, to express how much they mean to you, because every day is a day of love and affection, but you can surely make their Valentine's day, a special one, with my help and guidance. So, buckle up lovebirds, we are about to go on a whole roller coaster of love and emotions, but make sure to take notes, so that you don’t miss out on something.


A Spa Day

It doesn’t matter if it’s for her or him, but having a couple’s spa day or just planning a spa day for your significant other is just another level of satisfaction. You get to spend the whole day together while relaxing in a calming and cozy atmosphere. But let me tell you this, you can’t go wrong with a romantic spa day, it relieves all the stress and tension from the daily chaos, and they really get to spend quality time with their special one by their side. Let your partner and yourself take a day off, relax and rejuvenate after all the daily hard work, and see how it makes your loved one glow or brightens up their next whole day.



DIY Gift

No gift can beat the ones, that are made with your very own hand and your own type of creativity. You get to put all of your thoughts into one place and express your feeling in the form of a gift that none can compare to because obviously, it's going to be super-duper personalized. You can put up your pictures together to make a collage, card or a frame, or a notebook describing all the little reasons why you love them and will continue to love them *don’t forget to put the silly ones in this list too* or simple memory book to highlight all the important and cutesy stuff you have done or went through together, just to make them smile.



Plan an Adventurous Date

Who doesn’t love an exciting adventure date? It’s all fun and games with an endless thrill, while you both will get to experience something entirely new. You can either plan for something your better half always had on his/her bucket list, or you can also by your own self plan a date which they never expected, oh because, one can never get enough of surprises. It will be great to take them for skydiving, paragliding, wine taste test, scuba diving, roller rink, go-karting, or even a hot air balloon ride. All such plans can be extremely exciting and fun while you both will also get to spend a great time together, which you are prolly never going to forget.



A Romantic Picnic

A good old style or classic picnic date should be on every couple’s list. You don’t really have to spend a lot for this date, just doing the bare minimum things will be enough for you and your partner to enjoy. Make a scrumptious snack or get any of your favorite meal, and get the basic necessities to set up the date and watch the sunset together by the beach, it’s going to be a dreamy and lovey-dovey type of date. However, if you live in a cold region, you can always have an indoor picnic with a bonfire and some marshmallows to toast. Such little and minimalistic gestures can be wholesome for your better half which they will surely romanticize till next time.



Make a Date Night Bucket List or Jar

If you don’t want to opt for those old-fashioned ways of a classic date, then this idea is just right for my adventurous and unpredictable couples, who don’t hold back on taking any type of risks and going overboard. Before Valentine’s Day, make a jar in which you can put sticks or even paper written with different types of date ideas that you both have never experienced, then on Valentine's day give that jar a good little shake and pick out one or even more sticks or paper. Viola, you have an interesting date ahead of you without even putting a lot of thought into it.



A Star Map

Get your own customized gift by getting a star map. It’s really in trend at the moment and can turn out to be a very special gift for your loved one. You can either get a star map of the beautiful day you both first met, or of the time when you said those three magical words for the very first time, or of your first official date or your first dance together, or of your wedding day, or even of just any moment that is really close and holds a special place in your heart.



Personalized Couple Accessories

In this era, you can literally get anything personalized according to your own choice and need. In addition to that, it's super easy to plan and you can get it done from many stores either it is in-store or online. You get to have a variety of options like a personalized name necklace, bracelet, or couples promise ring or a watch with something engraved on it, customized wine labels, candle jars, pillows, custom morse code necklace, or even a customized handwriting necklace or bracelet. There is an endless list of such gifts but when you dive in, you won’t be able to decide one, so it's better to decide on such gifts a week or a month before. Such gifts can be very personal for your loved one which they will never think of taking off, as it will be literally carrying a piece of your better half, everywhere you go and makes you feel connected.


Go Shopping

A shopping date can never be too much, or one can ever get tired of, especially when one of your partners loves to shop or even both. It can be an ultimate go-to for those couples who always want more clothes no matter if their closet is already overloaded. You can either go window shopping or shop for your basic everyday clothes or even shop for formal attire which you can wear on your next formal date. By planning something like this, you get to buy your clothes together or can even let your partner pick you an outfit, as it will be loads of fun and something new.



Plan a Surprise Date Night

A classic and romantic date night can never go wrong, especially when it’s a surprise. If you want to, you can go overboard with this date night plan or even make it a simple candlelight dinner date. It doesn’t really matter how much of a big event you turn this date into, it's only going to be the thought of it and your effort, which will capture your special one’s heart, all over again. It's important to tell them, appreciate them, make them feel, and treat them with all the love and affection, at all times, as such gestures will remind them how important/special they are to you. Make a dinner or reservation at your favorite restaurant, add some flowers, songs, and candles to the plan by any means and you are good to go for the plan.



A Flower Bouquet, Chocolate or Teddies

Add some love to your special one’s Valentine's Day by presenting them a flower bouquet, chocolates or a teddy, or even their favorite snacks or by popping a bottle of champagne at the very right moment. Such gifts are an easy way to express your feelings without putting in a lot of effort and holds a sentimental place in the other person’s heart. You won’t have to stress about anything, as it is quite easy to buy these things from any random store near you. You can give them red roses as a token of love or their favorite flowers and chocolates. It’s easy and convenient for those who always forget about such days, and have to arrange something at the very last minute.


At the end of this blog, I hope I have touched the deep core of your heart with my lovely thoughts while also helping you find a Valentine’s day gift or date idea. 

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