How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Space?

How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Space?

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Published On: 2021-09-17 12:01:02
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Choosing the perfect rug for any space in your home, office, etc, is an arduous task that can easily make or break the look of your personal space. Either you want a simple or a bold one to add a little oomph to your room, choosing the right color, texture, style, and size is crucial because it's not just a rug, it lifts your whole room aesthetic and can also be the largest decor item which is more likely to catch the eye of ones and most importantly it also has the tendency to set your whole visual mood. If you make the right choice, it can easily put a whole look or vibe together, only if placed properly. It's better to invest some time to brainstorm all your possible ideas for finding the perfect rug rather than shopping with absolutely no idea what you are getting yourself into.

Here we are, to convey to you some basics that may help you, to make the right choice when shopping for a rug.



If you are starting your decoration with an empty room, it’s a great and convenient deal, because then you will be able to pull the whole look together according to the rug's style, color, and texture. Mind you, choosing a color is not that easy as it seems, if you are opting for any bold pattern with multiple or solid colors, then it is best to start with an empty room. And in case all the other decor items and furniture are already put into place, then follow the color of tones and the aesthetic of the room. However, it won't hurt to break some rules and lift the whole room’s vibe with some bold and colorful area rugs but always choose wisely when doing so.

If you are willing to interfere in this risky business of choosing a bold or solid color, then it's going to be pretty safe for you if your room wall colors are of any neutral shades like white being the safest, gray or even earthy tones, but it's important to keep in mind that other major furniture should also be of neutral tones, in order to sit well with each other. It’s also an essential part to remember, not to cover the most part of the rug with furniture and others, because then it is pointless to use such a beautiful color, just to hide it behind all of your furniture, it should stand out and lift the whole vibe of your beautiful room.


The texture of a rug is underestimated the most. While the texture makes a huge impact on the design and decor of your room, most people just shop by prioritizing the color and style of the rug. Using the right and well-curated textured rugs can make a huge impact on your room and also has the ability to add details to the design of your room. If you already have heavily textured furniture in your room then opt for more of the light material rugs with a nice and soft texture.

But if your room has smoother surfaces then Moroccan inspired rugs are the one for you, which are extremely easy to find and you can also buy from our Rugs USA store, which has a vast range of Moroccan inspired rugs. Moroccan rugs are one of the best sellers for years by now, and it’s a sure thing to say that they can never go out of style. Moroccan rugs can be your easy go-to because they can be found in countless inimitable patterns from dazzling diamonds to elegant trellises, these types of rugs are ideal for the areas where a lot of people visit, sit or even chill like hallways, entries, bedrooms, in the dining room or even living rooms.

For our boho fans, you can always layer these rugs for more of a cozy vibe while also keeping it modish. You can never go wrong with layering a neutral jute style and you can’t also compromise on styling bold patterns together because it’s hard to reach a final decision on such things until you decide to give it a try.


When choosing a rug, you can work with an oversized rug, but an undersized one will just ruin the whole look of your room and make it look smaller and more awkward. It’s a very basic rule for your furniture to be on the textile, and if not at least the front legs of the furniture, in order to blend the whole look together. It's really hard to find the proper size of your favorite rug, which caught your eye at the very first look at it, but Rugs USA makes it easy to choose any of your desired designs in the perfect size for your room.

The perfect placement of the rug plays a vital role, for the whole look to be put together. If we talk about the dining room, then the rug should be enough oversized so that when the chairs are pulled out it's still on the rug and doesn’t end halfway, because that will just create an extremely awkward look.

Now, when we talk about rugs placed in the bedroom, then it should be big enough for the whole bed to be placed on it and still leaving enough space so that whenever you get out of your bed, you have a very soft and comfortable landing.

I hope, I have guided you enough to not ruin the look of your room by choosing the wrong rug. So, whenever you are going to shop for the perfect rug according to your space, keep these three essential points in your mind for a stress-free shopping experience, while skipping all the multiple visits to a store to decide on a single yet suitable rug of your own choice. However, to save you from all the stressful and tiring steps, I will end this blog with a perfect recommendation to shop your rugs from which will be; Rugs USA, so head out to our store and shop from this brand and save yourself a whole lot of time and money by availing of our Rugs USA Coupons.