Terms and Condition

Hither is some important terms of service to use the offered service of that should concur and follow by each consumer who looks in or (visits) our websites. Couponstray gives you inimitable discounts coupons and offers deals from many different merchants. Merchants mean supplying goods to a particular trade dealing with foreign countries which consist of brands and stores.

Who can avail services:
You must be an adult, above then 18-year-old is well and good but at least 14-year-old underage children can use our service and easily avail the opportunities of discount coupon, promo code, etc.
Promotional codes of the third party:
We offer you inimitable deals of coupons, promo codes, referral codes or many relevant offers deals promotional codes that might compensate discount to a person or organization not involved in legal agreement which means compensates the third party on their products or services, hither adding more terms for the third-party merchant initiate.
Concur with promotional code:
Services and usance of third-party material
carefully read all the instructions or terms or conditioned of any merchant websites and promotional code sales, returns, warranties, and privacy policy before using any kind of coupon hard-sell offers. The services and usance of third-party material Include their content to display services information application. if not giving service or goods to a consumer and can’t sell have opportunities to sell anything, can be entered into any kind of business interrelate or in a relationship, using our services you knew or concur with that the company is not accountable of inspecting the content or representations, accuracy, completeness, availability, timeliness, validity, copyright compliance, legality and quality of third party material and merchant websites. You should understand that any linking to or from the Services doesn’t mean any specific relationship with any third party but the company supports a third party or merchant website, we don’t support or assume the company advertisers or licensors and other partners will not have any responsibility towards you and also for any other person for any other party services. third party material and links provided to the merchant website; it would be helpful to you in a way that you know all the rights of using third party material and merchant websites on the purchases of goods and using the promotional code if you have any complaints interrelated with any merchant websites, you can contact with merchant website directly or contact with the Federal Trade Commission at or your state Attorney General.
Return policy
To know the return policy of the respective brands, check the third-party and merchant websites.
How to communicate with us
If you have any doubt or confusion contact us couponstrays and you can email us