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"/> Fun Ways To Safely Ring In 2021 While Being At Home
Fun Ways To Safely Ring In 2021 While Being At Home

Fun Ways To Safely Ring In 2021 While Being At Home

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Published On: 2022-08-19 07:54:51
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At last, it’s about time that 2020 comes to an end, and with no hesitation, I can say this is the only best part of this year, no jokes. While we are waving goodbye to this year, I am sure we all are hoping to be able to breathe a sigh of relief in 2021, after all the situation which has been and is still going on with the Covid-19. Let’s hope for the best and don’t lose our spirits of joy just because of that. It’s not going to be the same old New Year celebration as it has been for every year, but we can surely make the most out of it while playing it safe for ourselves and for others around us. So, bottoms up! Cause I am going to help you make this night, a memorable one, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Cheer yourself because this New Year, we are surely going to celebrate at home for the sake of everyone’s safety, but NOPE! We are not going to keep it boring and casual. There are hundreds of fun and creative ways to ring-in the year 2021 and believe in me, we are going to make the most out of it. All we really need is the right amount of planning and you will be able to throw a joyous and fun New Year bash, with our festive quarantine New Year celebration ideas.

Dress Up

Who cares if you are going to stay at home? If you are willing to rock that new dress you bought online, then do it anyway and it is also fine to spend the night in your pjs too because who doesn’t love a cozy night. However, if you are planning to throw a fancy party with a fancy shmancy theme, then it is best to shop for a new sparkly dress will all the gorgeous accessories to really get you in the feels and charge up your mood for a fun-loving night. You can buy yourself some cute and sexy dresses from Macy's, Zaful, Shein and several others which you can find at our Couponstray stores. But on a lighter note, you can also utilize an old dress which you love or have never worn till now, but turn it into a bomb outfit by pairing it up with some beautiful jewelry, and Voila! You are ready to drop some fire into the night.

Have A Sleepover Or Pajama Party

Well, who doesn’t love a comfy and cozy pajama party or a sleepover? This is the most fun yet not so fancy idea for our lazy friends to celebrate their New Year. You can either have a family pajama party or call your quaranteam over. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy everyone a matching festive pajama and enjoy your night together, because it’s the perfect opportunity for a matching outfit moment for all. You can also have a sleepover with all your close friends and family in your living room, You can do many fun activities together including watching a movie together, playing games online or even cardboard games, making a feast, and many other activities which I will be mentioning below.

Make The Perfect Cocktail

Choosing the perfect drink to toast with, at such a special New Year celebration is everything that matters to make the night even more perfect. You can either make your own festive cocktail or buy any of your favorite or a variety of drinks to fit every person’s needs present at the party. You can also plan a virtual toast for your loved ones who can’t make it to your party, and, acknowledge and appreciate them for everything they have done.

These light-up glasses are perfect for everyone’s New Year’s toast. You can add up a little spice in your party by using these glowing flutes by Amazon, which literally glows up when you pour your drink in it, so surprise your party members with these flutes and add a little glow to your fancy shmancy party.

Set Up A New Year Photobooth

What’s a perfect day without snapping some memorable pictures? Set up a personalized fun photo-booth for everyone to take pictures. Buy some decorations, festive signs, photo-booth frames, balloons, glitter, and a camera or even your smartphone will work. If you want to buy a camera, then make sure to check out Adorama, they are offering high-quality cameras at the best prices. You can also buy some props to make your pictures look more fun and Insta-worthy. And don’t forget to make a glittery New Year themed backdrop to sum it all up.

Enjoy A Festive Meal

A party is not complete without food, it’s a must to add food without any question. On a New Year party, you have a lot of options to choose from, if you are planning to offer a full course meal then you can offer steaks, pies, casserole, pastas, roasted chicken, steaks, salads, seafoods and countless more scrumptious dishes to your menu.

You can also offer one-bite appetizers and snacks for the whole party with a large variety to choose or pick from. This way no one will get tired of your meal and will enjoy a various amount of taste through different appetizers. However, to make things more interesting and exciting, you can host an appetizer cook-off, in which every person who is interested will get to cook an appetizer, and then the best one will be chosen as a winner till next New Year cook-off. Sounds pretty interesting to me!

Make A Mouth-Watering Dessert

Enjoy the night with some finger-licking desserts. After a year like 2020, we all deserve a sweet treat and it’s the perfect way to end this crazy year. It will be a cherry on top to add a dessert or even a few of them to your New Year party list. You can even call your friends or family over and start baking from the morning of 31st, this way you will have a variety of those yummy desserts.

Play Games

Who doesn’t look forward to a nice, cozy, and entertaining party? It’s the most comfortable yet full of entertainment and fun idea. You don’t have to dress up all fancy, if you are not willing to, no formal decorations and all that other stuff, all you will really need are some controllers and a screen, but however you can also play Mario Kart, Among Us and other games like this virtually with your friends or literally anyone online in general. If you are having a party with your friends or family over, then you can opt for board games, mysteries, card games, or even you can play games tournaments to keep the night lit.

Watch Movies Together

Set up a big screen, grab some popcorn, and invite your friends or family over to watch a movie together, you can also watch movies by teleparty with your close ones who live far away. This one is the perfect idea for those people who are not into fancy and extravagant parties, and just want to relax at home while having a lil fun. Binge-watch your favorite series again or make a list of all your top favorite movies to watch all night long. Furthermore, New Year is the perfect time to launched your movie. All famous celebrities try to launch their movies at the new year event because this is the only time when most people watch movies.

Make Some Noise

Add a little spice to your boring party by making some noise either it is by playing songs on speakers or by making noise with the help of props. Just don’t turn your night into a silent and awkward one. You can also set up for a Karaoke night which will be a hell lot of fun with friends. Dance your heart out to those all-time favorite songs or sing it with your friends or even turn your level up by making it into a lip sync battle.

Stream Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Don’t feel sad if you can’t make it out and enjoy the New Year night outdoor, because safety comes first and there is always another way to keep the spirits alive. Well, can’t deny the fact that watching the ball drop and all those amazing singers perform is truly the most wonderful part of the night, but don’t worry this year, you will be able to watch it live on ABC. The show will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest and co-hosted by Lucy Hale, Billy Porter, and Ciara, while including some breathtaking performances by Jennifer Lopez, Doja Cat, Meghan Thee Stallion, Machine Gun Kelly, Miley Cyrus, Maluma, and many other famous celebrities. So surely don’t miss out on this virtual event and enjoy watching it with your friends.

Pop Confetti When The Clock Strikes 12

Whether you are keeping it lowkey for your New Year Party or fancy, you can always add a little sparkle to your small party by adding some confetti poppers, noisemakers, sparklers, colorful lights, and many more. You can surprise everyone by popping colorful and glittery confetti right when the clock strikes 12. Every person will surely love the idea of it and will enjoy and make the most out of this fun celebration.

Connect With Your Distant Friends Or Family Members

This year was definitely hard for everyone, we went through difficult times with or without our closest ones for maybe any reason at all. But it’s important to remember every person that means the most to us at this cheerful time, to praise them, to acknowledge their importance in our life, to encourage them, and wish them the very best for the next coming year. At times like these, it can be a little hard to pay a visit to our far-away family members, relatives, and friends, but technology has made things a whole lotta easier. All you really need to do is to plan a perfect and suitable time for all and make a virtual toast to them and wish them a very Happy New Year.

Write down your New Year Resolution


Before writing down your New Year Resolutions, it will be fun to take a look at this year’s too, to go over things, how far you have come, what did you lost and what was your gain and then try writing a couple of your coming year’s resolutions but make sure to make it flexible and not really hard on yourself, because this year we all surely learned to be kind to ourselves and others.

Pop A Champagne Bottle At Midnight

When the clock strikes 12, make sure to pop a bottle of sparkling champagne, prepare to toast to all the good moments of 2020, it was surely a challenging year for all, but it is important to acknowledge the good parts and be thankful for all that you have. You can also do the deed virtually with your far-off friends and family, pop a bottle of champagne, pour it, prepare to toast and countdown the last ten seconds of the year 2020 and wish each other the happiest New Year with loads of good luck.

Have A Morning Brunch On The Very 1st day of 2021

If somehow, you end up having a sleepover with your friends or family, then it's always a good idea to offer them a nice, refreshing morning brunch the very next day for a great start to the year. You can make pancakes, coffee, juices, cereal, oats, or anything that your loved ones prefer having as their perfect morning breakfast. It will be a delightful, peaceful, and fresh morning for everyone to enjoy and spent time together after a joyful night.

Don’t forget to make the most out of your New Year night by using some of our useful ideas, but also value your safety and others too. Enjoy every bit of your night and try following all the safety measures as much as possible. And finally, Happy New Year, have fun but not too much fun because the storm still hasn’t passed away.

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