Dance is a way to perceive the peace in the soul, dance creates magic.

Dance is a way to perceive the peace in the soul, dance creates magic.

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Published On: 2021-09-17 12:13:15
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Well, Dance is an art and complete in itself, whether music is available or not, to dance on it. To the earliest time, human history knows, Dancing was associated with ancient rituals, spiritual meetings, and social events. As part of the harmony, spiritual strength, joy, expression, performance, and interaction, dance became part of our nature since our existence - from the time when African tribes found themselves at war until the spread of music. Drowned in colors. Hidden in all four corners of the world. Of course, dance is one of the most powerful forms of communication near to everyone.

Prove Of Dancing Existence

A painting found from a cave which is located in India, that painting seems to be nine-thousand-year-old. A painting featuring the numerous scenes of pursuing, rituals related to religion, childbirth, interring a dead body, and more essentially gives the view of Drinking and dancing in a group of communal. In fact, Scientists were looking for secondary signs, such as the written word, stone carvings, drawings, and other related samples, so the dance couldn’t leave a recognizable archaeological site as plain/ clear as can be seen today.  The renowned dance begins backs to the third millennium BC, even when Egyptians begin to dance by supposing or assuming a necessary part of their religious rituals/events. Egyptian priests utilize the musical instruments and dancers to imitate significant activities - tales of gods and celestial cycles of shifting stars and sun - according to the many tomb paintings that have stood the test of time.

Every Religion Adapt Dance 

Firstly, the dance tradition adopted by ancient Greece, in the state of Greece the dance is regular activity without hesitating they can do openly in public which resulted in the creation of the popular Greek theatre in the 6th century BC) now the question arises how do we know about too old information, so, here is your answer, a painting belongs to millennia founds, which seems from the era of descendant/ ancient that portrays a story of various dance belongs to the religious tradition of Greek culture. Approximately it begins priors to every Olympian game, As the era goes on various religion promote dance based on their religious for example in Hindus “Bharata Natyam” still a popular form of dance.

Fusion Of Dances

So, obviously, not all dances are from invented long back ago and especially for religious purpose, normally people dace to celebrate happiness, or to do entertain themselves or others, some people dance to Stirring a strange mood of happiness. As time went on the ballet dance become popular in rich standard peoples. Old dancing styles interlink with new steps and moves, and this change is quite impressive towards the peoples, after some time dances were merged with new techniques such as contemporary ballet & neoclassical ballet. After that comes the romantic era started means romantic ballet style invented, well-renowned ballets are Coppelia and sylphide.

Fusion dance takes a serious approach to ballroom dancing, giving dance partners freedom of expression and an alien style that is deep in the artistic layers of the dancers' souls. College students, dance teachers, dance studios, and experienced ballroom dancers all enjoy Fusion Dance. Actors who want to succeed in the dance community need to develop a signature style. To fusion the dance you need to follow techniques and steps.

It is very essential to understand the fusion factors that affected the dance.

•        Enhancement

•        Methods

•        Music

•        Dance Movement's relationship with the theme or storyline


Benefits Of Dance

Dancing can be beneficial to leave fit for peoples of all ages, shape size & color doesn’t matter, dance is a way to connect the souls, in this entire world/ planet everything has a rhythm, every single thing has a rhythm, everything dances. Dance creates magic and confers mentally and physically peace to the peoples  

  • The condition of your lungs & heart has enhanced
  • Increased endurance, and motor fitness &muscle strength
  • Increased aerobic fitness
  • Better muscle tone and strength
  • Weight will be balanced
  • Makes Stronger bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis
  • Better coordination, agility, and flexibility
  • Better balance and local awareness
  • Grow physical confidence
  • Get better mental functioning
  • General and psychological well-being has enhanced
  • Increase the self-confidence
  • social skills will become better

Dance The Way You Like!

Dancing is something you can do, dance in a group or with your partner, otherwise, you will enjoy your company i.e, solo dance. Nowadays dance is a good and easy way to keep yourself fit and at the same time you enjoy it, dance motivates you, for dance you don't have to learn because dance is the matter to feel the rhythm and move on beats but in case you want to learn dance, join a dance club. Most clubs are bestowing dance classes in their exercise programs.  You can enjoy two things on one ticket. Fitness with dance! 😊 💃

Significance Of This Day

The day celebrated in the honor of artwork. To grab the attention of all rulers of the country towards artwork, art has the potential to increase economic growth.

Each dancer knows the value of this day, this day is special for all the dancing communities, they entertain people and become a center of attraction.

Aims Of International Dance Day

Promoting all kinds of dances around the world.

Let people know the value of all kinds of dance.

Getting the attention of governments, leaders, and helping the dance community promote their art.

2021 Way Of Celebration

In the era of technology, each is connected to the phone, so there is no need to be sad that the International Dance Day is to celebrate infectious disease, we all know the situation of other countries, therefore, we must follow the principles for the life of the people or maintain the health or life of a nation. And to celebrate this day, play music and dance to it, make videos, and share it on social media. In addition, you can click on photos with friends and family on this International Day and share them on your account.

For certain peoples dance is a passion, dance is a way to make their dream true. A good dancer isn’t a good dancer because of their technique but knows as a good dancer because of their passion. Dance gives peace to their soul; they dance for laughter and hopes. The passionate dancer knows that All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to chase after them. Dance the way you like to do!

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