Is the earth becoming a disaster day by day?

Is the earth becoming a disaster day by day?

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Published On: 2021-09-17 12:13:07
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Global warming is the reason for the earth's disaster, due to global warming earth getting hot day by day. Global warming is the reason for a change in climate which is also becoming the cause of poverty. The variant change in climate gives hard time, especially the poorest peoples. Extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and food and water shortages endanger the lives of vulnerable people, and the weaker they are, the more difficult it is to recover from failing harvests, ruined homes, and health problems.

In the future of 2030, the climate gets more changed, and around above than 120 million people will come into poverty circumstance. So, we should have to stop this massive disaster. As far as the fastest era is going through the medium temperature of the plant has risen up to 0.8 Celsius to 33.4 Fahrenheit as compared to the last 19 centuries. The last three decades have become warmer than all priors’ decades since the starting of statistical surveys in 1850.

Causes of Global Warming

As per the research of scientist, human activities is the biggest reason for global warming, now the question is that why scientist thought that human activities are the cause of global warming? `It’s because the increase of greenhouse gases directly or indirectly interlinked with human activities. Hence the greatest scientist in the entire universe is right. It’s all started in the mid–twentieth century. There are the following reasons for global warming:

Clearing A Wide Area of Trees

Land exploitation plays a significant part in climate change. Trees aid in climate regulation by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This beneficial influence is lost as trees are chopped down, and the carbon trapped in the trees is released into the environment.

Fossils Fuels

Huge utilization of fossil fuels are definitely the cause of global warming, burning coal, oil, and gas creates carbon dioxide- the most essential greenhouse gas present in the atmosphere along with nitrous oxide.

Extreme Farming

Another factor contributing to the increase in global temperatures is the intensive production of plant safety chemicals and fertilizers. Cattle and sheep, for example, release vast quantities of methane during digestion, while fertilizers emit nitrous oxide.

Squander Of Disposals

Squander management ways alike Landfills and greenhouse and harmful gases emitted to ignite the combustion, including methane, that are released into the atmosphere, soil, and wetlands, contribute to the greenhouse effect.


Modern life is heavily dependent on the metallurgical and mining industries. Metals and minerals are raw materials used in the manufacture, transportation, and manufacture of goods. From extraction to delivery, greenhouse gas emissions account for 5% of the market.

Excessive Usage

Overutilization is an essential part of climate change. Even it is accountable for the overexploitation of natural resources and emitted from international freight transport, they both are playing important role in global warming.

Impacts Of Global Warming

Certain impact of global warming on the variety of life in the world:


Rising temperatures and adverse weather conditions disturb the ecosystem, altering plant reproductive conditions and cycles. Lack of resources and climate change are changing life habits and animal migration cycles. We are also witnessing the escaping of many species of animals. Including local diseases.


As global temperatures rise, the permafrost and ice in the poles are melting on a massive scale, rising to levels never known before. In a century, the increase has reached 18 cm (including 6 cm in the last 20 years). The worst-case scenario is an increase of up to 1 million by 2100. And it would be dangerous for the entire world, as you know around 71% of the surface of the earth is covered with water.

Impacts On People

Human beings are not spared from these rebellions. Climate change is affecting the global economy. It is already upsetting the social, health, and geopolitical balance in many parts of the world. Lack of resources such as food and energy is the cause of new conflicts. Increasing levels and floods are causing the population to become homeless. The small island states are at the forefront. By 2050, the assuming number of climate refugees is 250 million.

Impact On Climate / Weather

Meteorologists and climatologists all over the globe have been observing the impact of global warming on weather patterns for decades. More droughts and heatwaves, more snow, more natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, winds, and wildfires, a longer frost-free season, and so on.

Now everyone has the duty to secure the earth from restraining the earth from disaster, the earth is a platform where we live peacefully, it’s like our home so, it’s our responsibility to sustain its beauty, 😊 it is our own benefit.

  • prior to live a room, switch off the lights of a room. Open the curtains throughout the day to let in natural sunshine.
  • Use scrap paper to make artwork or write notes on.
  • Use plastic bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Get your workout by walking or riding your bike whenever you can! Keep a physical barrier of two meters between you and other individuals.
  • Use recycled water bottles instead of purchasing empty plastic ones.
  • After brushing your teeth, turn off the tap.
  • Choose rechargeable batteries and dispose of them properly as they run out.
  • Look for recycled or free pieces before purchasing something new!
  • Recycle all you can: cans, glass, paper, magazines, and even toys.
  • Unplug all chargers that aren't in service.
  • To save space, keep your showers short.
  • Instead of turning the machine on with the screensaver running, put it to "sleep."
  • Borrow a digital book from the library — it's an excellent way to cut down on waste.
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers.

How a day come into existence!

The day is celebrated for consciousness awareness towards weight and global warming as well as changes that occur in climates. An earth day encourages people to make the environment safest and grabs the attention of people towards the need for an earth environment. It’s a well-recognized day in the world, the requirement of this day is to act against the industries for producing pollutions, disposal wastage, oil spills and so on. The previous year earth day completed his golden jubilee.

Significance & History of This Day

Earth day came into existence In in1970, before a long time ago millions of Americans were mobilized for environmental conservation. On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans — or 10% of the population of the United States at the time — took to the college campuses, streets, and hundreds of cities around the country to condemn environmentally ignorance and demand a new path for our world.  The day was the most discussed topic by the whole nation. After accomplishing support and advocacy from the globe, the activist gets to succeed in their motive after 20 years and earth day is known globally. The first Earth Day is credited with kick-starting the new environmental movement.

21st Biggest Challenge

Global warming is quite a big reason for a change in climate, the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century is expected to be global warming. More about the causes and consequences of climate change, as well as the strategies for preventing it.

Importance Of Plants & Animals

Plants and animals that provide vital resources to our environment are included in the advertisement, which seeks to emphasize the interdependence between humans and the natural world. We should take care of all the precious things that we have. Because whatever you’re doing is to assist the planet/ earth reduce the future complexity, you can assist the earth by doing your part of work, for example, clean a little bit of area of your neighborhoods, make the environment clean around you. Let's take care of our world and treat every day as Earth Day!

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