Eid-ul-Fitr Is An Occasion Of Prosperities

Eid-ul-Fitr Is An Occasion Of Prosperities & A Reason To Turn Life Into An Alluring Node

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Published On: 2021-09-17 12:15:58
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An occasion of prosperities, bring happiness for everyone, an occasion of togetherness, an occasion of the feast in which relish foods dishes are prepared, an occasion of dressing modish clothes, an occasion of sharing a bunch of talks/gossips, an occasion of spreading smiles and laughs, an occasion of love and respect, an occasion of sharing a bond with younger to elder, an occasion of resolving or forgiving grudges whether it's personal or not, an occasion of remembering childhood memories, An occasion of getting Eidi means getting a gift of money from a respective elder sibling, parents, and relatives.

The most celebrated occasion in the middle east, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Europe, North America, and the united states. Almost the occasion observed in the entire world. The occasion comes occurs after the holy month of Ramadan, it’s the occasion of Muslims, which gives the precious opportunity to the Muslim to refresh /renew the soul for spiritual lives and the month make people habitual of doing good deeds and enhance their character eventually they become a better version of their self’s. Throughout this month Muslims started engaging in soul-searching to strengthen their character. It’s also an amazing way to reinforce bonds of cooperation and unity with other countries.

 Muslim’s faith in God

There are 1.907 billion Muslim peoples in this world, they strongly believe in the oneness of God, they believed that GOD is the creator of everything in this entire universe, all the powers belong to one and only one GOD.  No one can see him, but He makes everyone feel His presence. Muslims believe in the day of judgment, According to Islam, there is life after death, which is known as Akhira. In Islam, Allah determines when a human dies, and most Muslims believe that when they die, they will be buried before the Day of Judgment. This is referred to as the resurrection of the body. On that day, they will be lifted from the graves and brought before God, where their earthly lives will be judged. Those who choose good deeds over evil will be admitted to Paradise or Paradise. Jinnah is known as the "Garden of Eternal Blessings" and the "House of Peace." Jinnah would be free of sickness, suffering, and sorrow. Those who do worse than goodwill go to hell or hell. It is a place of physical and spiritual suffering.

Muslims believe that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful, and Compassionate, so all evil deeds will not be punished. Allah will forgive those who have repented of their sins and those who have done some good deeds in their lives, such as showing kindness to others, they will get rewards of their good deed in Jinnah.

How eid-ul-Fitr turn life into an alluring node?

 Remembrance Of God

Worshiping God calms your soul, worship is the food of the soul, and worshiping God softens your heart. Your heart enables you to do good deeds and it is the power of God's remembrance, once you start reading the holy book "Qur'an", because of God's blessings, the mercy you will surely Will fall in love He loves more than seventy mothers

An Occasion Of Prosperities

Before coming to “Eid” everyone is super excited from small to elder, each one buys new clothes, shoes, jewelry to celebrate the ‘Eid’. This festival involves everyone busy, occasion spreads happiness everywhere, and you’ll see smiling faces everywhere. And if you’re looking to shop online and too that on discount prices then visit couponstray store A2Z CLOTHING COUPONS, Zaful coupons, dresslily coupons etc. Have a look to these store and grab your fav in ap or discount price.

An Occasion Of Feast & Togetherness

After performing prayer, this is the day/festival when the whole family is sitting in one place and enjoy the ‘Eid’. Every relative visits to other relative houses wearing new clothes and spend some quality time with each other and give money as gifts to younger ones and enjoy the relish meal items. After meeting with family it’s the time to celebrate ‘Eid’ with friends some people reserve second day to meet with friends.

A Day Of Thanksgiving

Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as the "fast-breaking" holiday, marks the close of Ramadan. Millions of Muslims will meet with their family and friends around the world to attend morning prayers, donate alms, and celebrate Eid. Though Eid is a time to rejoice, Ramadan is also a time to reflect on all of the great facets of our lives that have been bestowed upon us.

The Feeling Of Blessing

Avoiding food and drink during the day in Ramadan is too early to remind you how fortunate we are to have a variety of food and drink. During Eid, families will share bread, visit large markets, and feed the less fortunate. Eid, which means "festival," is a three-day celebration of joy and appreciation for the gifts of everyday life.

The Feeling Of Health

Eid-ul-Fitr is a celebration of Muslims' ability to fast while being agile and self-controlled. Our fitness can be found mediocre in daily life. Many people use Ramadan as a reminder to take care of themselves, calm down, and eat well throughout the evening. Fasting is a difficult job, and Eid is a holiday that has the ability to do so and the gift of well-being.

 As we celebrate this beautiful day, we must note our brothers and sisters who are suffering in the world, and I sincerely hope that this Eid will reflect our solidarity, brotherhood, empathy, and feelings. Their smiles can be contagious. Love and peace. Finally, I pray for the Muslim Ummah as well as other religions' people for divine guidance and safety. And also pray that he will accept our actions and wishes.

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