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"/> Importance of women's day & it's motive?
Importance of women's day & it's motive?

Importance Of Women's Day & It's Motive?

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Published On: 2021-09-17 12:07:18
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Women's Day is celebrated to honor the hard work and endurance of beautiful women. And also, for his contribution to society and the country. The reason for this day is to admire the generation of women for their effort in the face of difficulties. The day has celebrated for acquiring equal rights of women than men. International women's day is greatly admired means celebrated with enthusiasm in many countries all over the world. This day is commemorated as an occasion to recognize the existence of women because of their accomplishment, and ignoring the myriad divisions, racial, political, or cultural differences. Today's women are strong and able to compete with men, women are paying time to run the foundations, women have the right to make their own decisions.

Why it becomes essential to celebrate in the entire world? & how it celebrates in different regions?

Economic empowerment is the key to women's success in overcoming poverty and polishing their ability to overcome crises and improve. However, when women had realized their strength as well as their economic goals, related to business growth, enhance their home, or spend money on training or education, it's like an investment, they are more flexible and able to provide for themselves and their families. Nonetheless, globally, women are tracking men in terms of formal labor participation, land and property ownership, and access to financial services such as loans and savings. 

Chronological Account

Earlier ago, international women’s day has supposed to be a new beginning of the global dimension for women in growth at that time it seems like developing countries.

Now is the time from grassroots activity to operations around the world related to women's day, we are entering an exciting period in history where the worlds different association and personalities start to work together to make gender equality a reality, certain organization united together & take part in growing international women’s movement. With the help of these organizations, the important and commemorative theory emerged.  The struggling era of women's rights started in 1909, 1910, 1911, 1913, 1915, and finally, in 1917 the women’s day is celebrated on March 8th during the Russian revolution.

Women's Day is an important day to demand equality. The day is celebrated in many countries since the 1900s, but in us, the first National Women’s Day is celebrated on 28 February 1909. Us suffragist named Clara Lemlich demanded to pay better and reduce the working time as well as enhance the working setup for 15k employers who were on the strike, that’s the year when a social party declares the first National Women’s Day to give the respect of these employees. In 1910 a woman named is Clara zetkin leader of the women’s office belongs to the social democratic party in Germany, bring forth the idea that women’s day should be celebrated internationally, which means every country have to choose one day to celebrate women’s day and make every woman feel special, the day came into being after having a conference meeting with above than 1oo women’s from seventeen countries who are agreed with that,   Gradually, each country adopted this event, it is celebrated for first time in 2011, in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland & Germany and too that on 19 March. Well, I had declared in 1913 that it will be celebrated on the 8th of march and Since then, they have been celebrating on the same date.

The history doesn’t end there, south Africa social parties also play role in the international women’s day celebration thoughts, the federation of South African women protest against the government and more female’s community-supported who wants change and want gender equality, the impressive thing about this social party is that without any violence stand outside of their union buildings maintaining silence for 30 minutes this is called Powerful demonstration of unity. And their efforts have paid off, the very first National Women’s Day was celebrated on 9 august 1995.  However, in 2006 the march was re-launched on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

The federation group of south African women deserve appreciation for their work and bring their unique & necessary point of view that they want to protect the equality right for all women, without having any kind of discrimination of race, color complex, creed, especially for eliminating social, legal & economic dysfunction. This social organization wins and remove unnecessary laws like women’s have not equal right in relation as well as on property, marriage right& children rights.

Why celebrating women’s day is still necessary to celebrate?

With sorrowful hearts, still we need this day to remember the rights of women.  The real goal - to achieve full gender equality for women in the world - has not been realized. There is still a gap in gender pay, women leaders are still in short supply, violence against women and girls persists, and women still lag behind men in education and healthcare. Last year, the United Nations reported that about 90 percent of the world's population was prejudiced against women. On International Women's Day, women from all over the world come together to shed light on these inequalities - while women have also celebrated their achievements in overcoming these barriers. If you want to do your part, then take the challenge by choosing the courage and support yourself by using the social media platform on the idea of women's rights on this International Women's Day.

Take a challenge and shower your support on social site

Do your job as a citizen or a woman, raise awareness Every human being in the world is equal, whether he is a man or a woman, so both have equal rights. Celebrate women's achievements with pride this year. You all have to show your commitment to the fight for equality on International Women's Day. Take a photo of yourself, title the photo without any gender bias, and share it on your favorite social media platforms using #ChooseToChallenge.

Include your favorite people & male's friends

Invite those who don't make a difference in gender & celebrate with you. Most of the time the initiatives and or those who truly believe in gender inequality who don’t want to women’s equal right targets the women’s and Want to get discouraged them, for this if you’re planning for any activity on this day call your males friends and celebrate the day.

Gender equality doesn’t mean that women are superior from men’s its means that all gender have equal rights, chances, and duty simple.

For many years, women’s days is celebrating in world wild, it occurs on 8th of the march every year, the day is celebrating for achieving women’s right, means there will be no gender discrimination, I hope so after putting effort we will Change some people's thinking!

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