The Cluster of viruses causes Covid-19?

The Cluster of viruses causes Covid-19?

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Published On: 2021-09-17 11:51:33
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Covid-19 stand for (coronavirus) disease, or infection, coronaviruses are a cluster of belonging RNA VIRUSES (RNA VIRUSES CONSIST OF A MULTICELLULAR ORGANISM), RNA viruses are the reason of diseases in mammals and birds. When animals and birds respirate in the atmosphere it transfers into humans and can be the cause of a fatal accident. Humans can ill by common cold (common cold includes other viruses in which you have a temperature, flu, etc. you can recover according to doctor prescription) but fatal varieties of virus can cause of SARS, (SARS stand for severe acute respiratory syndrome and it’s a respiratory disease. The disease is similar to the coronavirus MERS, (MERS stand for the Middle East respiratory syndrome, it’s a respiratory infection and cause of shortness of breath and covid-19 to know about coronavirus keep reading.

Coronavirus Subfamily

Coronavirus is to be (a part) of a whole family of Orthocoronavirinae, at auxiliary (intermediate) taxonomic rank, in the family coronaviridae, (Coronaviridae infect the birds and mammals) order Nidovirales (it infects vertebrates and invertebrates like reptiles, fish, arthropods cause the virus contains the positive-strand RNA )viruses and kingdom of ribavirin (ribavirin involved all the viruses the virus who contain RNA-dependent polymerase for reproducing. The virus is surrounded by a positive-sense single-stranded RNA cell of a multicellular organism and a nucleocapsid (nucleocapsid is the protein shell of a virus) symmetry shape virus. The cell of a multicellular organism size of coronaviruses is approximately 26 to 32 kilobases.  

As per research, a coronavirus infected animal in 1920 and the year 1960 discovered in humans. There so many viruses like the mouse hepatitis virus but they don’t spread all over the world. Coronavirus spread fast and create a pandemic worldwide. In December 2019 from Wuhan, located in china report the spreading news of the virus, the virus is the cause of the fatal accident. The virus named COVID-19, the number of deaths till 5-November-2020 has been a minimum of 1,225,463.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus 

The virus hit badly humans, human lose of taste and smell, rash, vomiting, diarrhoea, and human has to take difficulty in breathing or in other word shortness of breathing, muscle aches chills, sore throat, runny nose, headache, chest pain, it may affect the eye colour. Adult to children the same symptoms. The virus is symptoms that are similar to the common cold fever, so if some have fever or flu doesn’t mean he has coronavirus. If someone is effective from Coronavirus it may appear into two or 14 days and effective person suffer from breathing issue, there are three similarities between common fever and coronavirus fever, cough, tiredness.

The virus hits mostly older above than 50 years and younger child whom immune system is developing, the age of younger people or mid-age people has a strong immune system, their internal organ can fight with the virus and recover fast but the older people, their life is in danger or if someone is in facing diseases like heart problem, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, smoking,  asthma, the people who already involve in any kind of illness or diseases need to be very careful cause the virus is so harmful to humans lives. 

Concern The Doctor Immediately

If someone has found any of symptoms of coronavirus directly concern with a doctor and isolate yourself to safe others cause the virus spread from a place or object to another place or object, if the affected person takes respiration in the atmosphere, the tiny particles or molecules stays in the atmosphere for hours, “prevention is better than cure”. Yet no vacancies are prepared for the coronavirus, as possible to stay at home but if it's important to follow the rules to prevent coronavirus, wear the mask and sanitize your hand, wash your hand again and again.